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  Adults Poodles Available 

Are you looking for a loving companion?  Give us a call!

We have a few very special spayed females and neutered males who will be ready for new homes very soon.  
Some are Toy size, some are Miniatures, but all fit nicely on your lap for a cozy evening of watching TV.  
Our adult Poodles are current on all shots, freshly groomed and have their teeth cleaned before going to a new home.  
If you'd like more information please complete our application form 
which you can find in the yellow margin at left where it says, "Contact Us."  
We'll be glad to answer your questions.   We'll have questions for you, too, of course.



~ Previous Adoptions ~

We've had many successful adoptions of adult Daisy Hill Poodles.  Rebecca lives a happy retirement life in sunny Florida with Rachel.  Her sisters Jenell  and Gracie are living happily in their new home with Betsy in Massachusetts.  Sam lives with a cowboy poet in western North Dakota.   Mavis retired to a life of leisure here in North Dakota with Mickey.   These folks preferred to adopt an adult Poodle rather than raise an active young puppy.

There will, of course, be an adjustment period and some training required on your part.  That's to be expected anytime you get a new puppy or dog. Adult dogs, though, learn faster and have a greater capacity to cooperate with house rules. 

If you've always thought that a puppy is the only option, please take a moment to consider the pleasure of not going through the puppy stages. We can supply a list of names and contact information from others who have adopted adult Poodles.  They'd be happy to talk with you. 

~ Adults Placed ~

Ebony has a new home in eastern North Dakota.
"I couldn't have asked for a better companion.  It's a match made in heaven.  
Thank you for everything and God bless you always."


Natalie lives near Houston, TX with a charming couple who "love her to pieces!"

Camille and Tobin now live a very happy life in Michigan with a wonderful couple.

                  Sophia                            Edward    
These sweeties are living near Baltimore, MD - enjoying walks on the beach by the Atlantic Ocean.
What a change from the sprawling wheat fields of North Dakota!

Living happily with her new family in Grants Pass, OR

Daisy Hill Kiss Me Kate - "Miss Kate"
We are pleased to announce that Miss Kate is a now a Jersey Girl!
She's VERY HAPPY in her new home with Tony and Kathleen in New Jersey.

"The Daisy Hill Poodles Retirement Club"
Gone With the Wind!


Roberto's retired in North Carolina living with Sheila and his Lady Friends


Miss Dolly is living in North Carolina with her friends
Miss Kitty, Miss Fancy, Miss Tracey and Robert0! 
They're having a wonderful retirement life!


                Miss Kitty                    Miss Fancy            Miss Tracey

Moved to Minnesota to enjoy living with AJAX -- black Daisy Hill Poodle.
They're having a GREAT TIME together!!!!!

Loving his life of leisure with Phyllis in Pennsylvania

Carl & Sam ~ June 2006
A happy boy with his new dog....  It just doesn't get any better than this!

Simon and Ted 
Best Friends Forever

   Cowboy and his new family in Indiana...

"He'll be a pampered pooch for many happy years with us!
It's a dream come true...I have my Daisy Hill Poodle!"
  Lynne, Larry, Sunny, Shady, Yaffa, and Cowboy.

Benji has been adopted by John and Marsha.
They're very happy together!

FYI ~ Benji's former owner became ill and could no longer care for him.
We're delighted we could help find him a wonderful new Forever Family!


Email and phone inquiries are welcome.




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