Daisy Hill Poodles

We Promise ~ Happy, Healthy Puppies from Our Home to Yours

Our puppies are born in our kitchen and raised in our home. They are thoroughly


socialized, tenderly loved and given the finest nutrition and health care.

We never sell puppies to pet stores, brokers, puppy mills or casual


We absolutely abhor the notion of crossbreeding Poodles with other breeds and would
NEVER under any circumstances allow or condone such misuse of a beautiful purebred dog!

We do not offer stud service to outside females to protect the health of our own family group.

When our adult Poodles have completed participation in our breeding program they are
spayed/neutered and either stay here with our family or are placed in loving pet homes
when an appropriate placement becomes available.

Puppy Socialization

Daily exposure to sights and sounds in our home, as well as riding in the car on excursions, are all part of preparing our puppies to make a successful transition to their new families and homes.

Puppies are raised in our kitchen and the family-living areas of our home. When they are old enough, they enjoy cuddling on our laps while we watch TV in the evenings, playing tag and chasing each other around the table and chairs in our big country kitchen. Some of our puppies accompany our therapy dogs on nursing home visits and are always greeted with smiles of joy.

Health Care

Raising puppies in our home allows us to keep careful watch over their nutrition, health and daily development. Our puppies are given routine preventative veterinary care on a schedule that has been developed with advice from our local veterinarian and our daughter, Elizabeth, who is also a veterinarian.

Every puppy goes home with a current certificate of health, a record of vaccinations and suggestions on basic puppy care. When you receive your puppy, please take him and his records to your veterinarian. It is very important the vaccinations continue on schedule.

Pet Puppies

All “pet puppies” are sold with AKC Limited Registration and a spay/neuter agreement. We will be happy to explain our reasons for this in detail to anyone interested.

Picking up Your New Puppy

You are always welcome to visit our home to pick up your puppy in person. If you come here you can meet your puppy’s parents and littermates. This is the ideal way for us to deliver a puppy — directly into the new owner’s arms. That’s the way we much prefer whenever possible.

For those who don’t live within driving distance, or cannot fly here to pick up their puppy, we may be able to arrange other means for you to obtain your new Poodle. Please contact us to discuss other possibilities. We have had excellent service from Northwest Airlines and may be able to ship your puppy to the major airport closest to your home when weather permits. We occasionally make special deliveries to distant locations by prior arrangement.

Adult Dogs – Poodle Rescue

Occasionally we are asked to find new homes for older puppies or adult companion dogs. If you think you might have room for one of these deserving dogs in your heart and home, please contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you about those awaiting new homes or add you to a waiting list if you wish.