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Daisy Hill Poodles

Our Poodles are Beautiful Inside and Out

Daisy Hill Reds ~ Our Signature Color

Welcome!  We are a small, home breeder of top-quality, well-socialized Poodles.  We raise a few thoughtfully planned litters a year for placement in carefully selected homes.    The reason we have only a few litters is so we can give our  puppies the benefit of a full, family socialization program.   We only have a few females to breed and they certainly don't have puppies year-round!  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.  Thanks for visiting! 

Daisy Hill Sisters ~ Annabelle and Abigail ~  Best Friends Forever

Our Seventh Generation of Reds
One of Kayla's puppies goes home ~ August 2010

Our Mission ~ Our Passion:  To raise beautiful Poodles who have sweet  friendly personalities, outstanding intelligence, calm dispositions, happy self-confidence, physical soundness, excellent health and correct conformation.  We strive for it all!   

Our Focus:  Toy and Miniature Poodles in mahogany red and jet black with occasional golden apricots and deep browns.

Daisy Hill Helpers ~ Maxine and Juliet ~ help Connie with her needlework!

Our Philosophy: We believe that every puppy should be prepared to live a full, happy life as a family pet lounging on the sofa.  Some may also enjoy visiting as a Pet Therapy volunteer, serving as an Assistance Dog or walking around in a show ring but most importantly, they should be prepared to be happy, well-socialized family dogs. 

With all of that in mind, it's my responsibility to give them a fabulous start from their first moments of life in our home so they'll be ready for a life full of options -- to go out in the world and be happy.   Degrees in teaching, social work and 50+ years of experience in training dogs help me to give my best to my beloved Daisy Hill Poodles.   Why is it so important we "stay small?"  I believe the little things we do when they're young have big results for the rest of their lives.    Please visit the Our Poodles page (see left) to meet some of our lovely Poodles. 

Corrina received her new Daisy Hill Poodle puppy, Toby, in October, 2009.
They're very happy together!

Family News:  In 2008 we were blessed with four grandsons:  twins Holden and Hudson; Hayden and Joshua .  On Easter Saturday 2009 we welcomed our first granddaughter, Savannah Rose.  On May 6, 2010 we were blessed with our second granddaughter, Madeline Ellerby.  Meet Our Family (see left) if you'd like.  We're head-over-heels in love with all of them! 

With the demands of farming 2,500 acres, caring for our dogs, visiting to do pet therapy and wanting to be mobile so we can visit family in other states, we raise a limited number of litters per year.  

I hope you won't be disappointed if you want a new Poodle "right now" and it isn't available when you call.  With all that's going on in our lives, we keep our priorities very clear:  God and Family first and my Poodle hobby  follows.   Perhaps your next Poodle puppy will be right here waiting for you when you call.... or perhaps you'll need to wait a while until he or she is ready to come home to you.  Either way,  I assure you, the Right Poodle is well worth waiting for!  


JuJuBee with her beloved Miss Rene in Shreveport, LA.
"JuJu is more wonderful than words can express. 
At this point I find it difficult to leave the house for fear I'll miss something cute!"

Poodles have marvelous personalities which make them perfect companions for individuals and families alike.  They're amazingly versatile and adaptable --  as loving companions, breed conformation competitors, obedience or agility competitors, devoted therapy dogs or assistance dogs.  Poodles can be very successful as Drug-Detection, Tracking or Search & Rescue Dogs, too.    

Stephanie & Reagan
Sitting for her Senior Portrait

Our Poodles are raised to be sound in mind and body -- healthy both emotionally and physically. We spend many hours with our dogs every day to insure they have the love and attention they need and deserve.  They live in our home, play in our back yard and many of them sleep on our bed at night.  


Gina and Cody ~ Best Friends
Living the Good Life with the Orr Family on St. Simons Island, GA

I'm involved in many dog-related activities including teaching obedience classes and taking our dogs and puppies to visit in nursing homes, memory-care units and treatment facilities.  Richard and I are charter members of our local AKC-affiliated kennel club and I am an evaluator for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen program.  I have also served as an evaluator for Therapy Dog certification for both Therapy Dogs International, Inc. and Delta Society.   


   Here I'm conducting a Canine Good Citizen evaluation test for American Kennel Club.  (I'm in red.) 
      Approximately once every 10 - 12 weeks I administer the "CGC - Final Exam" for graduates of local obedience classes.

Please visit our Photo Album page (see left) to see some of our Daisy Hill Alumni in action.  Their accomplishments in Obedience and Agility competition are truly amazing.

Poodle Sizes:  If you want a small, easy-to-carry lapdog, you will probably be happy with a Toy Poodle who will be 10" or less at the shoulder as an adult.  If you prefer a sturdier dog to play with children and accompany you on walks, hikes and adventures, you may want a Miniature Poodle who will be taller than 10" but no taller than 15" at the shoulder.  Standard Poodles are over 15" at the shoulder, with some reaching as much as 30" at the shoulder.

Cute as a button!


Reuben Jr. enjoying the snow in northern California

We're blessed to live on a grain farm in North Dakota where we have plenty of room for our dogs and puppies to run and play, enjoying fresh air and exercise every day.  We've found Poodles to be intelligent, affectionate, devoted companions -- beautiful in every way possible, including their wonderful non-shedding plush coats.  With regular brushing and trimming, you'll find they are one of the cleanest, easiest dogs to live with -- without the nuisance of pet hair on clothing and furniture.

While we admire Poodles in elegant show-clips, ours wear a more casual  puppy or sporting clip.  On a typical day you'll find our Poodles and Chihuahuas riding along with us in our mini-van or pick-up, playing in the yard and participating in assorted family adventures.   We find that our dogs enjoy being by our sides as much as possible, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  At home our dogs and puppies are an important part of our family, and as "empty nesters" we have lots of time and attention to shower on our "canine kids."

Poodles are Great Companions for Families of All Ages.

Mary & Pierre
So happy together -- Exactly what we pray for!!!

Kristin & Kayla
A match made in Heaven!

Maggie Mae & Scarlett Rose
In the arms of their new family, Ron & Karen.

Baci (Toy Poodle) and his "big brother," Sammy (apricot Miniature Poodle)
live with their human family, Eli, Susan, Jacob and Paul in New York City.
(Can you find Baci sleeping with Sammy and Paul?)

Lisa is very happy with her dark brown Daisy Hill puppy!


We support and encourage your support of
Free Wheelchair Mission


Please visit their website.

Important:  It has come to our attention that there are unscrupulous people using "Daisy Hill" to identify their puppies or dogs for sale on the Internet.  We are angry they have stolen our name and are trying to capitalize on our good reputation!   How dare they? 

We are the one and only - the original Daisy Hill Poodles.  Furthermore, we have NEVER, EVER sold any of our AKC registered Poodles to be mass produced by amateurs or bastardized as mutts to create mixed-breeds!  If you find others using our name in association with any kind of mutt-doodles, it is NOT with our blessing or approval -- and most certainly NOT with one of our AKC-registered Poodles!

The recent obsession with mass production of get-rich-quick "designer dogs"  is one of the many reasons why we do not sell our Poodles for breeding.  If you would like any further information please contact us. 





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